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“First Kill All The Lawyers” – Obama’s Persuader Rules Target Employer’s Right to Counsel

While most Americans were preparing for their Thanksgiving Feast, President Obama showed his thanks last week to Big Labor and its hundreds of millions in campaign contributions by ignominiously allowing his recently confirmed Labor Secretary to move forward his DOL’s long pending radical proposal to dramatically change the decades old “Persuader Regulations”.  The Proposed Rule… Continue Reading

Executive Privilege (a new Twinkie Defense?): What Executives Can and Should Say About Unions

In the past week media reports abound regarding a controversial allegedly “anti-union” statement made by a high level executive associated with the iconic snack cake Twinkies.  As widely reported late last year, the original Twinkie maker, Hostess Brands, Inc.,  was forced to close, liquidate and lay off its entire unionized workforce, publicly blaming the recalcitrance of… Continue Reading