The NLRB has issued an announcement, explaining  how it will recalculate deadlines for filings and submissions in light of the federal government’s 16 day shutdown earlier this month. As we reported at the time of the shutdown the NLRB sua sponte granted parties a one day extension for each day that the Board was closed.

In its announcement dated October 17, 2013, the Board explained that the extensions will apply for all pending matters and not just those due dates that fell during the shutdown period.  There is a one day extension for “each day on which the Agency’s offices are closed for all or any portion of the day.”  Due dates created prior to the shutdown on October 1st were tolled for the length of the shutdown “even if the original due date did not fall within the period of the shutdown.”

While the announcement seems straightforward, we suggest confirming revised due dates to avoid misunderstandings.